भाकृअनुप -केन्द्रीय आलू अनुसंधान संस्थान,शिमला 

     ICAR-Central Potato Research Institute,Shimla



Patents obtained

1. Title of the invention: Automated hydroponic system for potato microtuber production in vitro.

Patent No. 220702, granted on 02/06/2008.

Abstract of Invention: This invention pertains to an Automated Hydroponic System (AHS) for large-scale micropropagation and subsequent induction of disease-free microtubers in vitro from single node cuttings/ axillary shoot cuttings in potato. This system comprises a specially designed sterilisable polycarbonate hydroponic culture chamber with various retrofitting port extensions (for culture inoculation, medium dispensing, sterile aeration and sterile venting). A polypropylene media reservoir, autoclavable silicone tubings, a computer-controlled reversible and variable speed programmable peristaltic pump, a single-head air pump, a programmable timer and a computer with support software for system operation and data interface are the other major components of this system.

2. Title of the invention: Biofertilizer cum biofungicide/biobactericide composition B5.

Patent No. 227691, granted on 16/01/2009.

Abstract of Invention: The invention “Biofertilizer cum biofungicide / biobactericide composition B5 prepared from a bacterium namely B. subtilis strain B5 has the ability to provide plant growth promotion and control of soil/ seed borne pathogens of potato, vegetables and ornamental crop plants. It releases an antibiotic metabolite which is fungicidal, bactericidal, supports immune system, biosynthesizes siderophores, tRNA binder, stimulatory, and decreases toxicity. It has a killing effect against pathogenic species of Fusarium, Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Sclerotium and Alternaria in the form of cell lysis or antibiosis. It inhibits R. solanacearum, the cause of bacterial wilt of potato against which no chemical or a resistant variety is effective till date. The composition B5 is prepared in an inexpensive substrate which allows maximum production of viable cells in shortest time with a shelf life of one year at room temperatures (15-37°C) and gives best results when applied on seed or into soil, safe for persons handling it and non target pathogens with no side effects on biodiversity.

3. Title of the invention: DNA insert plug loading system for pulse field gel electrophoresis

Patent No. applied, application no. 93/DEL/2008.

Abstract of Invention: The present investigation relates to a sample loading system useful for pulse-Field gel electrophoresis (PFGE). The system comprises an insert device for introducing the sample place into the gel, a loader for supporting the insert device, and a driver for sliding the sample placed on the insert device into the gel.

4. Title of the invention: Genetically modified potato with reduced level of reducing sugars and improved cold chipping attributes.

Patent No. applied, application no. 2762/DEL/2009.

Abstract of Invention: The invention provides RNAi construct comprising a polynucleotide sequence encoding invertase in sense and antisense orientation for production of transgenic potato. The transgenic potatoes have reduced expression of the vacuolar and invertase gene resulting in cold induce sweetening resistant potato and consequent improvement in processing attributes during cold storage, which is desirable for processing industry.

5. Title of the invention: Dehydration of tubers.

Patent No. applied, Application no. 1273/DEL/2014.

Abstract of Invention: Process for the preparation of high quality dehydrated potato cubes and shreds comprising the steps of peeling cleaned raw potatoes, subjecting the same to the steps of dicing and shredding, followed by special process of dehydration to obtain potato cubes/shreds with low moisture content. The dehydrated products having long shelf life can be reconstituted by simple rehydration process/pressure cooking prior to consumption.