भाकृअनुप -केन्द्रीय आलू अनुसंधान संस्थान,शिमला 

     ICAR-Central Potato Research Institute,Shimla

Commercial Technologies


SN Title of Product/ Process developed Technology Brief
1. Biofertilizer-cum-biofungicide/ biobactericide composition B5 A bioformulation that controls soil and seed borne diseases and ensure early and uniform germination leading to yield improvement.
2. Potato custard powder Potato custard powder is a combination of potato starch and potato flour
3. Genetically modified potato with reduced level of reducing sugars and improved cold chipping attributes Transgenic potatoes resistant to cold –induced sweetening due to low level of reducing sugars accumulation upon cold storage resulting improvement in colour of processed product.
4. Hi–Tech seed production through micropropagation It is a technology for diseases free seed production combining in vitro and field multiplication.
5. Aeroponics for potato-seed production Process of growing plants in an air-mist environment without soil or an aggregate medium
6. Computer aided advisory system for potato crop scheduling A decision support system to choose variety and also decide the planting and harvest time according to their specific needs and locations.
7. Potato pest manager Decision support system for identification of diseases/pest problem and give situation specific recommendation
8. Regional level potato acreage and production estimation Technology for pre-harvest potato average estimation using remote sensing and GIS
9. Storage of processing potatoes at10-12°C Storage of potatoes at 10-12°C with the use of CIPC for sprout suppression and minimum sugar accumulation
10. Dipstick Kits for detection of potato viruses The kits can be used for quick detection of major potato viruses at field level
11. 11 potato varieties released Potato varieties with resistance to diseases & pests and adapted to varying agro-climatic conditions
12. TPS Population 92-PT- 27 It is a true potato seed segregating population for heterogeneous crop production with acceptable uniformity for tuber characters.
13. 15 Germplasm lines developed + registered Genetic stock with unique features of biotic and abiotic stress resistance
14. Dehydration of tubers Process for the preparation of high quality dehydrated potato cubes and shreds with low moisture content. The dehydrated products having long shelf life (up to 9 months) can be reconstituted by simple rehydration process/pressure cooking prior to consumption.
15. Processing of potatoes into chips, French fries and other products Complete know-how of the methods for processing of potatoes into chips, French fries and other processed potato products