भाकृअनुप -केन्द्रीय आलू अनुसंधान संस्थान,शिमला 

     ICAR-Central Potato Research Institute,Shimla


Vision 2050

 In future, potato has to emerge from just a vegetable to serious food security option. Considering the rapid growth in potato processing, increasing population and future role of potato in providing food security; the estimated demand of potatoes in 2050 would be 125 million t. According to WOFOST model, potato yield during 2050 would be 34.51 t/ha and we would need 3.62 million ha area under potato to fulfill estimated demand. Increased emphasis on breeding short duration potato varieties (in order to fit in between rice and wheat) and area adjustment under the influence of relative profitability as dictated by the price (demand and supply) scenario are expected to achieve this additional area in the situation of rather scarce cultivable land in India.

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