भाकृअनुप -केन्द्रीय आलू अनुसंधान संस्थान,शिमला 

     ICAR-Central Potato Research Institute,Shimla


Infrastructure / Laboratories

The institute created state-of-the-art laboratories for conducting basic and strategic research in the field of biotechnology, genomics, genetics and plant breeding, plant protection, soil science and agronomy, plant physiology, biochemistry, and post harvest technology. All the laboratories function as central facility of the institute. The major central laboratories are listed below.

(i) National Germplasm Repository: This laboratory has been designated as the National Active Germplasm Site for potato by National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, New Delhi.

(ii) Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Laboratory: This laboratory, created in 1992, has world-class facilities for transgenic research, DNA fingerprinting and molecular breeding.

(iii) Potato Genomics and Bio-informatics Laboratory: This laboratory was created in the year 2009 and is equipped with world-class facilities for structural and functional genomics like high throughput next generation sequencer, microarray facility, Real Time PCR system, high capacity computational facility etc.

(iv) Cell Biology Laboratory: Houses state-of-the-art facilities for somatic hybridization and haploid development.

(v) Diagnostic Laboratory: This laboratory is equipped with automated ELISA system, PCR and NASH facilities. Because of its unique record in the field of virus diagnosis, this laboratory has been notified by the Government of India as ‘Accredited Test Laboratory’ for testing and certification of tissue culture raised potato microplants and minitubers.

(vi) Electron Microscopy Laboratory: The EM facility of the institute is working since 1980.

(vii) Virus Culture Facility: Created in 2011 for maintenance of pure virus culture.

(viii) Radioisotope Laboratory: The radio-tracer laboratory of the institute was created in 1996 for carrying out basic research on nutrient dynamics in soil and plant.

(ix) Soil and Plant Analysis Laboratory: State-of-the-art facilities for component analysis from soil and plant tissue.

(x) Late Blight Screening Facility: World class facility for screening of genotypes under controlled environment condition.

(xi) Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory: World class facility for analysis of remote sensing and GIS data.

(xii) Micropropagation Facility: Tissue culture production facilities at Modipuram, Jalandhar, Patna, Shimla, Shillong, Ooty; aeroponics facilities at Modipuram for minituber production, net houses for production of G0 tubers at different stations.

(xiii) Mini-processing Plant: Facilities for conducting basic research on processing attributes of potato.

(xiv) Controlled Temperature Storage Facility: Facility for undertaking fundamental research on potato storage.

(xv) Biochemical Analysis Laboratory: Facility for proximate analysis.