भाकृअनुप -केन्द्रीय आलू अनुसंधान संस्थान,शिमला 

     ICAR-Central Potato Research Institute,Shimla

AICRP on Potato:Origin

Project Code:                            1010730001
Sanction No.:                            F.17-2/69-A.S.II/F.C.III dated 29/07/1970
Date of Start of Project:           1970-71
Date of Completion of Project: Continued/Continuing

All India Coordinated Potato Improvement Project (AICPIP) has been functioning since 1970 with its headquarters at CPRI, Shimla. AICRP on Potato has a network of 25 centres located at distinct agro-climatic regions in the country. Five of these are located at CPRI stations, 17 are situated in different State Agriculture Universities (SAUs), two seed preparation units one each at CPRS Kufri and CPRI Campus Modipuram and a voluntary centre at Ranichauri in Uttranchal.

Historical background

Potato is one of the major non-cereal food crops and currently ranks 4th in production in the world after maize, wheat and rice. The productivity of potato in India is quite low (18.75 t/ha) due various biotic and abiotic stress there is an ample scope of improving the productivity of potato in sub-tropical climates of India. Hence, the need of AICRP on Potato was felt to carry out region specific trials on evaluation of new hybrids, agronomic practices, potato based cropping systems, control measures for various diseases and pests, potato storage practices and identification of methods for reducing post harvest losses. In view of these eventualities the All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) on Potato was initiated during 4th Five Year Plan in the year 1970-71.

Presently, it has a nationwide network of 25 centers located in distinct agro-climatic regions of the country. Seven of these centers are based at CPRI regional stations, 17 in different State Agricultural Universities (SAUs) and 1 voluntary center at Ranichauri in Uttarakhand.